Ehe, mis räägib lugu

Selle huvitava projekti raames lõime moefoto ehtele, mille lugu ei olnud kohe üldse kerge.
Artist: Erinn M. Cox (
Make-up: Kristin Kongi (Make-up artist Kristin Kongi)
Model: Carolin Arnold
Photographer and stilist: Kristin HansenThe goal of this project was to tell the story of this neclace which was deisgned by Erinn. And the story wasnt an easy one.
Erinn almost died on 2004 which influenced a lot her life. This specific work talks about our phisical and mental wounds. We all have them, some will heal and some not, some will grow back together, not leaving a mark and the other ones will leave a big mark so you will never be exactley the same.
This was my explanation of how I see her work and my tries to put all this into the photos.
I am so grateful for this experience, also grateful for everybody who helped me through this project!

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